Chiller section

In this page you find the available Chillers  . Contact us for more information. you can download the full description .

Azane Nh3  chillers aircooled  by Star refrigeration

Available: 3 Off

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AZANEchillers 2014

unused CMO24 compresser unit with chiller parts chiller Sabroe PAC 151 Duo pack

Available: 1 Off

unused CMO 24 Compressor unit with chiller parts 2015
thermowave heat exchanger. Q-plate evaporator . NH3 receiver and oil recovery unit unused 2015

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unused SabroeCMO24 with unused chiller parts 2015

Sabroe PAC 151 Duo pack

Available: 1 Off

Sabroe PAC 151 duo - 1 VSD driven 2008

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Sabroe PAC 151 duo pack NH3/ glycol chiller 2008

Heavy duty glycol chiller based on an Howden WRV model compressor

Available: 2 Off

Glycol /NH3 Chiller based on Howden MK6/WRV204/145.50

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Star/Howden glycol chiller WRV204/145.50 NH3 2014

Complete Glycol Chilling System 2019 Based on 3 Trane RTAC450

available : 1 off

3 x Trane Syntesis RTAC450

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Complete Glycol Chilling systeem ) production hours 2019

2 pc Trane RTHC 01EKL2595 Chillers

available : 2 off

Trane RTHC glycol chillers

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Trane RTHC glycol chillers 2001

Trane Glycol Chiller  CGAM070 2016

Available : 1 off

Trane CGAM070 2016

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Trane Clycol CGAM070 2016

Brand new Carrier AQUA Force 30XW-V1280A009-VAR18 with transport damage 2019

Available : 1 off

Carrier Aqua Force 30XW-V1280A009

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New Carrier Aqua Force 30XW-V1280A009-VAR18 2019

Small industrial glycol cooling 8 kW 2018

Avialable: 1 off

Small industrial chiller 8 kw 2018

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Industrial glycol cooling 8 KW 2018

Trane spare overhauled block CHHC1B2F0L0-SNUA5GS5471 2010

Avialable: 1 off

Trane overhauled compressor block CHHC1B2F0L0-SNUA5GS5471

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Trane Spare overhauled compressor block CHHC1B2F0L0-SNUA5GS5471 2010