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International Network

from new-pre-owned industrial equipment till brand new equipment .

The main goal of this central website Interses – is to combine services to assist/ support the international costumers with there daily task .

Personally, I believe the time is coming to share our knowledge, opportunity , experience, materials, solutions and do in global way to take together the next step in contribute towards a new society and way of living in this planet .

My question is simple to you …. How can I Contribute to assist you to reach your goals, may by :

  • Support with purchasing of new or pre-owned equipment or find a solution to modify existing equipment .
  • Support to sell international exiting equipment.
  • Finding the best materials/ solutions  to overcome limitations ( product development) 
  • Support you in new market of field . ( business development ) 
  • Contribute in your service with our  languages ( Dutch , German, English  and Russian) 
  • Support your goals form our locations  ( the Netherlands of Latvia) 
  • Sharing our field experience by  overhauling rotating equipment , impact of refrigerant on lubrication oil , limitation of shaft seals by degassing oil , EMC currents by VSD operated equipment.

The key of this  interesting time, we live in  is open-up , to become stronger on the end. co-operation is the key – real cooperation from the heart. 

In this website you find also many chapters , materials, equipment new and pre-owned to support your goals.  Also you can share your products to my existing international network .

 The first step is show what you need of like to accomplice and contact us by sending a E-mail to Martin@rm-support.nl . We can make a appointment to discuss how we can support  you. 

  • Do have equipment , materials , which are looking for new international owners and send us a E-mail –  with pictures and short description.
  • Are you looking for equipment , solution or support to accomplish a Idea, goal of business , send a short description and contact us.
  • Do you need assistance by our locations Latvia of the Netherlands- or technical support , contact us. 

The interesting on the changing world, doing business is the way to develop and react on the given circumstances.  These action is always  carried out by humans.

 We are a international Trading & Consulting company we can support you with technical and commercial aspects.

We have  direct access to manufactures.  Ask and we try to support you. 

Why Choose Us!​

International technical trading with global network

technical support

We have more than 25 experience in overhauling twin screw compressor - modification and parts delivery


In the overhauling experience we learned that the part, which show the failure in the most cases is not to blame. There was simple a circumstance who took this part over his design limits. And we find it.

Qualified Experts

We offer technical/ commercial Support to support your company or project. Instate of hiring personal - We offer our services to overcome a period where additional technical support is required.