Mycom compressor units & Compressor blocks

In this page you find the available Mycom compressor blocks, chillers and compressor units based on Mycom compressors in our network . contact us for more information. you can download the full description

Mycom Compressor block 160 VMD 2017

available : 3 off

Mycom 160 VDM compressor block 2017

description Mycom 160 VMD block

160 VMD bare shaft compressor block of 2017

Complete container based on a Mycom VMD250 -26 and VSD driven

available : 1 off

complete Refrigeration container based on an Mycom 250VLD 26 - VSD driven

description will follow

Complete refrigeration container based on a Mycom 250VLD-26 VSD driven

Mycom 8J piston compressor unit  2002

Available : 2 off

Mycom 8J piston unit

description will follow

Mycom 8J compressor unit

Mycom N6A piston unit 1989 – e-motor 55 kW

Available : 1 off

Mycom N6A compressor unit 1989

description will follow

Mycom N6A piston unit

Mycom 4J compressor unit  E-motor 37 kW

Avialable: 2 off

Mycom 6J compressor unit  E-motor 55 kW

Avialable: 2 off

Mycom 6J compressor unit 55 kw e-motor

description will follow

Mycom 6J compressor unit