Bitzer compressor units & Compressor blocks

In this page you find the available Bitzer compressor blocks, chillers and compressor units based on Bitzer compressors in our network . contact us for more information. you can download the full description 

New/ unused Bitzer Co2 compressor block , Model HHC-2K-40S

Available: 1 Off

New/ unused Bitzer HFC compressor block , Model : 4TE -12.F4Y-40S

Available: 2 Off

Pre-owned Bitzer CSH 6561-60Y

Available: 1 Off

Bitzer CSH6561-60Y

Pre-owned Bitzer CSH 8561-125Y- 40P

Available: 5 Off

Pre-owned Bitzer 8561-125Y-40P

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bitzer CSH 8561-125Y-40P

Never installed Bitzer CSH 9583-280Y- 40D

Available: 1 Off

never installed Bitzer CSH 9583 -280Y-40D

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bitzer CSH 9583-280Y-40D