Refrigeration compressors

HOWDEN Screwcompressors:  

Howden Compressor LTD produces only screw compressor blocks in two versions for the Refrigeration industry : The WRV and XRV models

Basic Howden compressors LTD  is delivering only bear shaft compressor builders of units , except Petro-chemical. Petro-chemical of special products /units are often produced by Howden Process .


STALL compressors units & compressor blocks

Stall compressor was very old compressorbrand  – as Producer of piston and screw compressors – well-known are the strong S-versions based on   S57-S71- S73 are the most known – there was a line from S51 till S73 .   Compact compressor units R-range , S24/S26 and the pistons UD range

GRASSO/ GEA/KAB Compressor units & compressor blocks: 

GEA Berlin finds the history  in the KAB  factory ( Kühl Automat Berlin) , which produced screw compressors Units and chillers – The Dutch Grasso produces only Piston compressor – except the unique Grasso MS ( mono screw ) and the transformed Sullair models . Sometimes you can find a Howden compressor WRV as under the Grasso type shield.  

SABROE Compressor units and Compressors :

A manufacturer which produce as Screw – as Piston compressor is Sabroe.   Well-known over the complete world.  All most in every field the are Sabroe compressors.  Well known are the SAB 128 and Sab163 and the complete VMY range.  On the piston side we remember all the SMC( ons stage) and TSMS ( two stage)

Mycom Compressors Units and Compressor blocks

Mycom manufactured very long screw and piston compressors – the fist screws were the LUD models – later V-range – most interesting  compressor models are the compound compressors .  The piston range is strong and build for life

Aerzener Compressor Units and compressor Blocks

Aerzener Machine Fabrik is basic not big known- an every one worked and know their products – the VMY 236 – VMY336- VMY436 -are familiar – Sabroe units – many years Sabroe used teh Aerzener products on their units .