Sabroe/ Stall/Frick spare parts

In this page you find the available Spareparts for Sabroe/ Stall and Frick compressors which are available in our network at this moment.

Oil pump Stall S51 – S57 

part number: 1895-386D

Available: 4 Off

oil pump Stall S51 -S57 part number : 1895-386D

Journal bearings for a Stall S70  

Available: 4 Off

Journal bearings Stall S70

Rotor set  Sab 128 mk3  

Available: 1 Off

new Rotorset SAB128 MK3-4

Oil filter  kit  for Sab 128/163 mk1 part number  3088.018 

Available: 6 Off

oil filter for SAB 128/163 mk1

Shaft seal for Sab 163 part number  1332-162 

Available: 3 Off

shaft seal kit Sab 163 part number 1332-162

Service kit SAB163 Mk1-4 bearings  partnumber 3088.027

Available: 1 Off

Sabroe sab 163 Mk1-4 Service kit bearings part 3088.27

Service kit Stand still sealing  Sab 163  part : 3084.619

available : 1 off

Stand still sealing SAB163 part 3084.619

Shaft seal Sab 163 mk1-4 High Grade Service kit  partnumber: 3084.805

Available : 1 off

Shaft seal kit SAB 163 mk1-4 High Grade part number: 3084.805

Shaft seal kit SAB 202 High Grade partnumber  3084.819

Available : 1 off

Standstill sealing Sab 202 service kit number : 3084.618

Avialable: 1 off

Bearing service kit Sab 202 part number 3088.063

Avialable: 1 off

Bearing kit SAB202 part number 3088.063