New prevention material/ technology against contamination

Our environment deserves protection –  Oil spills are better to prevent than after contamination to clean. Find the solutions which help you to protect the environment against low investment .

Natural Non- asbestos mineral basalt  fiber with nano-reinforcement are today used in cleaning oil/ chemical spill of liquid.  Available are the Spill Prevention Shield to protection before e a spill .

Natural Non- asbestos mineral fiber with nano-reinforcement are today 

Fibers of basalt stone with nanotechnologie 

 Anti contamination shield are capture oil up to   300 liters pro mat 

Easy  to install –  on the soil – protection shield and cover it.

Covered version of contamination shields for capturing  all liquids.   water, chemicals and oil up to 300 ltr pro shield

95% of the captured liquid can be re-covered by pressing of the shield 

Protection by temporally/ or long term storage facilities 

Easy to install on the most logical places to prevent spill in the soil- you  create a permanent protection and at the same time a changeable  solution at the maintenance/ distribution points of the equipment  

Railway roads Pollution control

Spill prevention railway shield fits  between the railways

Protection by Electrical utilities 

The contamination  protection shield has a capacity of 300 ltr pro shield -. The big benefit is that the cooling oil is direct absorbed  and experience no influence of rain in outdoor facilities 

Protection by wind turbines Leaks

Effective protection in case of oil leakage by wind tubines