Automatic Lubrication Systems of Memolub

Memolub is easy to install lubrication system, which can be used as single lubrication as be extended till max 8 lubrication points.  There are 3 systems , which operate on 25 bar and can be extended to 8 lubrication points.  Besides there is also the One version, which works on 10 bar and is only  available as single point system.  Questions- contact us we are there to support you. 

Working principe of the Memolub lubricator

working principe of the Memolub lubricator

Automatic grease pump systems are greasing in little steps and  have always the max lubrication 

By manual we over grease first and let the equipment  consume the grease supply  in the hope that we are in time to re-grease. By gas filled grease pattern we need always that the temperature in to account on the gas – By temperature changes or change in environmental pressure the grease supply is not always stable. 

Memolub One Lubricator

10 bar working pressure – Single point lubrication 

memolub One - single Point lubricator - 10 bar
The One starter kit

The One lubricator is also available as starter kit. 
The starterkit contains :

  • The one lubricator 
  • 4 Adjusting rings 
  • 2 connectors
  • Montage piece
  • Grease 1 cartridge
  • 2 meter tube



Memolub HPS Lubricator

25 bar working pressure- Single and Multi point lubrication -Atex 

Memolub EPS Lubricator

25 bar working pressure- Single and Multi point lubrication – start / stop by external power 24VDC 

Memolub EPS Lubricator ( External Power Supply )

Memolub lubricator PLCD

25 bar working pressure- Single and Multi point lubrication – PLC Driven by external power 24VDC

Memolub PLCD Lubricator - driven by external puls power

Adjustment with the  Memo system rings on the Lubricator  HPS and EPS – 25 bar multi point lubricators  till 8 lubrication points

Program – ring system a combination of rings create a grease setting.  

Easy to adjust there are 3 colour rings

Grease splitter  for 2 lubrication points- there are also splitter for oil 

Progressive Distribution blocks til  8 lubrication points ( also in 4 – 6 points versions) 

Setting of the frequency and the amount of  lubricant  and installation distances , direct , with used of splitters and  distribution blocks