Aerzen compressor units & Compressor blocks

In this page you find the available Aerzen compressor blocks, chillers and compressor units based on Aerzen compressors in our network . contact us for more information. you can download the full description

Aerzen VMY 346 NR unit – 1995 with compressor of 2003

Available: 1 Off

Sabroe/aerzener VMY346

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Aerzen VMY 346NR unit

Aerzener  overhauled Bare shaft VNY 246 compressor

Available : 1 off

Aerzener/Sab VMY 246

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Aerzen bare shaft VMY 246 overhauled Compressor block

Aerzener/Hafi unit with VMY 346NR compressor of 2007 

Available : 1 off

Hafi unit based on an Aerzen VMY 346NR

description will follow

Hafi aerzen VMY 346 unit

Donor Unit SAB/Aerzner 347H and Schorch 315 kW e-motor

Avialable: 1 off

VMY347H and E-motor 315 kW Schorch

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Aerzener VMY347H and schorch 315 KW e-motor -Prosab II